Revolutionary Patent Emerges to Challenge Social Ills – BoldSoles™ Social Startup…

BoldSoles™ Launches Start Some Good Crowdfunding Campaign with Culture Kicks & Soles™ December 14, 2018

BoldSoles™ Empowerment Lifestyle Brandi - Victory - Empowered

Victory . Empowered

Our lifestyle brand is an expression of empowerment and victory. We first express with this with BoldSoles™ Footwear and socks for causes. The footwear empowers us to walk on our adversary. Gain a position of authority over the challenges in your life. BoldSoles™ patented method to tread on text and images underfoot that refer to our life’s challenges enables you, the BoldSoles™ wearer, that position of authority. You apply your full weight to the adversary. You wear it out!

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Cause We Care

BoldSoles™ empowerment specialty custom socks for causes - adversary Diabetes - red gray logo - b-w circular pattern 1BoldSoles™ empowerment specialty custom socks for causes - adversary Diabetes - red gray logo - b-w circular pattern 1

Cause we care we put foot to cause. BoldSoles™ launches with specialty custom cotton socks for causes. Now, you can always walk for your cause. Demonstrate your advocacy. Let’s symbolically crush social ills, diseases, and those things that keep us bound and back!

Are you a director or member of a cause organization? Learn more about leveraging BoldSoles™ empowerment specialty socks to motivate and mobilize supporters while raising funds.

“We use it for humanity as the causes of suffering are the adversaries of humanity. Many of us address the causes of suffering in our communities by participating in advocacy for the affected. For instance, we raise funds, volunteer our time, and participate in activities to raise awareness and affect change. These actions work toward overcoming the adversary.” -Mark Hampton.


December kicks off with World AIDS Day and is the National Month for Human Rights and Drunk and Drugged Driving? Check out our Cause Calendar.

A BoldSoles - Man Stomping on His Adversary

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MeetUp Fri Dec 14, 2018 at CULTURE KICKS SOLE - BoldSoles™ Start Some Good Holiday Mixer - get your tix now at

Join in Culture Kicks & Sole™ our Start Some Good Holiday Mixer being at Open Space in Philadelphia. Get your tickets now. If for some unfathomable reason you are not able to attend, please donate a ticket to support the crowdfunding campaign. All launch donors will be acknowledged on our website and crowdfunding page

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